Published on 29-09-2016
Tags: Mega Drive


Sword of Vermillion is quite an unusual breed of RPG: it combines all kinds of different gameplay viewpoints, it's got a 'western' feel to it (definitely not an JRPG) and depending on where you look it scores from mediocre to one of the top games of the Megadrive.

I finished it (thanks to a large hintbook that was released with the game) but it takes quite some time.

You can find the soundtrack here:


The OST has a nice dark athmospheric sound to it: even upbeat songs have a slight false ring to it, hinting to the twisted realaties that lie behind the towns where you hear these tracks played.

One of main characteristic sounds of this OST is a bell sound, which you can hear in the Jiji theme and Statts track. It's this original choice of instruments and the quality of the compositions that make this soundtrack memorable.

Also, it's worth it to pay special attention to the drum backing, with all kinds of subtle effects added like in the '3D Mode' track. Instead of a straight snare sound, there's more of a 'handclap' effect used in some tracks.