Review: SCREAMER 2

Published on 02-09-2016
Tags: PC , DOS


Screamer 1 and 2 are racing games from the DOS era; while not as polished as current racing games they still got some good gameplay, with a lot of drifting action and car customization options.

One of the best features of this game is the very real feeling of speed and how the cars handle differently; the game is definitely more arcade than simulation. It also contains some nice little details, like the flock of birds passing by when you jump over the bridge (see the video on the homepage).

The soundtrack is on Youtube, you can find it here.

The Screamer 2 soundtrack can be ripped from the game, as it's an audio cd as well.


This game has quite a unusual soundtrack compared to other (racing) games..there's some nice GOA, trancelike, even psychedelic music on here.

It's a shame there's only 8 tracks on here (including 1 title track), and that they're not all of the same quality. There are some tracks that fail to fall in the 'nice, trance like' category because of an annoying repeating soundloop or overal lack of variety in the music.

Luckily, the game contains an in-game CD player, so you can always switch to a song you like.