Published on 02-09-2016
Tags: SNES


Pocky & Rocky for the SNES is a classic game that you can play together, but is also pretty hard.

If you've got an hour to spare, it's worth checking out a longplay of the game.

You can find the complete soundtrack on Youtube, here.


Pocky & Rocky is a beautiful game with lovely pixelart and a matching soundtrack. Filled with simple, fun melodies and fast basslines, the songs are not that long but make a fine background for the game.

The prominent bass contrasted with the high melodies make for a nice combination, and give the OST an unique sound.

The overal feel is pretty happy, with some more sinister and slow songs throughout. One of my favorite tracks is 'Once Upon a Time', which has a very simple and quiet melody during which the introduction story is told. Usually introduction-type songs are pretty good; Sword of Vermillion, Revenge of Shinobi, A Link to the Past, they all share a (sad) story introduction with great background music.