Review: LAGOON

Published on 06-09-2016
Tags: SNES


I never played much of the game Lagoon on the SNES, but it's soundtrack always stuck with me once I discovered it.

You can find it here:

The game is pretty hard and reminds of the game Ys in terms of gameplay..for the video I played through the first dungeon and I think I only beat the boss through some sort of glitch.


This soundtrack has some wonderful fast metal-like tracks on it, like 'Armed and Ready' and 'Prince of Darkness'. Especially the latter has some nice doublebass drumbeats in it and fast highpitched solos.

'Valley' is a great track for traveling over the open plains, grinding through wandering enemies.

'Desperate Dreams' begins with high tension and a very low bass, making a athmospheric intro before the melody blasts off.

'Premonition' (as it's name suggests) has a dark vibe to it; slowpaced and brooding.

There's some more great tracks in the OST, it's definitely worth checking it out.