Published on 13-09-2016
Tags: PC


Morrowind might be the best Elder Scrolls game in the series, filled with story, battles and adventure. It's got a decent difficulty curve too, if you don't make use of the gamebreaking bugs/cheats.

I finished the game long ago, but on revisiting it for this review I noticed just how engrossing the game is, in no small part due to the amazing soundtrack. Although the graphics aren't much to look at compared to modern games, there's still a lot of interesting architecture and terrain to discover. The (night) sky, duststorms, fog and water effects hold up pretty well.

You can buy the soundtrack here: iTunes. Also, check out the game on Steam.


This soundtrack is filled with warm, rich brass and string sections. The sweeping, athmospheric melodies make a perfect backdrop for the adventures and exploring in the game.

The tracks are roughly divided in two parts: combat and regular background music. My favorite tracks are the non-combat ones, but it's worth checking them all out.