Published on 23-06-2018
Tags: Mega Drive


Altered Beast is an old classic and my first game that I got with the Sega MegaDrive. It's got some clunky controls and only consists of a few levels, but the graphics and monster are still kind of interesting. When looking for the soundtrack I noticed that the game has been released on a lot of different platforms like the Amiga and Commodore 64, but I'l using the soundtrack of the MegaDrive version for this review.

You can download the soundtracks here.


The OST isn't very appealing sound-wise, but there are some nice melodies and compositions to be found. The highlighted track that I chose for the video builds up with a slow and dramatic intro and then switches nicely to something faster-paced when the drums kick in.

Also the 'transformation' song has some cool quick synths solos going on around the 1 minute mark, which in the game you'll probably never hear (the levels are pretty short).

The 'Closed in Upon Me' song is very dark and could be a good starting point for some metal cover.

Speaking of metal covers, a quick Youtube search turns up exactely the kind of metal/doom covers I was expecting, and are definitely worth checking out:

Altered Beast - Rise From Your Grave 2014 (GuitarDreamer)

Altered Beast - Rise From Your Grave (doom metal arrangement)